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Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

Titanium magnetic bracelets are light weight and very stylish making them the first choice for sports people. The light weight of these bracelets is of particular benefit to golfers as it has a reduced affect on their swing. These bracelets are 3 times the strength of steel, yet are much lighter. The titanium used in these bracelets is 99% commercial grade, which is of surgical implant quality and should not react with your skin.

Health Notice Magnetic therapy is not recommended if you are pregnant, have an electrical implant ie pacemaker, hearing implant or any other implanted electrical or mechanical device. A Magnetic product is not a medical device and does not provide a cure, or make any medical claims. In the event of feeling unwell you should consult with your doctor or health professional. Magnetic bracelets can affect other magnetic products such as credit cards, cassette tapes, computer discs etc.

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