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Magnetic Health

Can magnetic bracelets relieve pain from arthritis?

Whilst no one knows for sure how magnets and magnetic therapy works, there are many many reports to be found which confirm that magnetic bracelets do relieve a whole mix of ailments, including arthritis.

In everything which is living, some sort of magnetic field exists and this includes our own bodies. If this magnetic field gets out of synch, does this create pain and diesease ? Many people, including scientists think it does. Keep in mind though, many Doctors and scientists are also very sceptical over any type of complementary therapy/medicine, even when many many people report huge benefits.

Please be warned, if you have a pacemaker fitted then magnetic therapy should not be used.

Health Notice Magnetic therapy is not recommended if you are pregnant, have an electrical implant ie pacemaker, hearing implant or any other implanted electrical or mechanical device. A Magnetic product is not a medical device and does not provide a cure, or make any medical claims. In the event of feeling unwell you should consult with your doctor or health professional. Magnetic bracelets can affect other magnetic products such as credit cards, cassette tapes, computer discs etc.

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